OMFG (Eric Wishes He Were at Blizzcon)


Yeah, so Blizzcon’s Starcraft trailer was pretty sick, but what about everything else they announced yesterday?  First up, a new expansion for World of Warcraft:

Oh hell yes, a new Asian themed environment?  I’ve seen a lot of people questioning the expansion, but I think it looks like a breath of fresh air.  The last three have all been “Azeroth is on the brink of destruction”, which was growing stale.  A bunch of panda-infused martial arts mayhem seems like a much needed, lighthearted break.

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Even better, Blizzard has found a way to include a Pokemon like game inside World of Warcraft.  That’s right, you can now collect pets from the world and battle them in turn-based matches.  That’s like topping your crack with heroin.

That, coupled with the WoW Annual Pass, were my favorite announcements.  Just in time for The Old Republic, Blizzard announced that if you commit to a year’s subscription of World of Warcraft, you would get Diablo III included.  That’s a great way to lock in players, as well as make sure that more people, such as our very own Erika, give Diablo a chance.

Finally, here’s a bitchin’ cinematic from Diablo III.