Yeah Yeah, Warner Bros Distributing Witcher 2, Just Release It Already

Dear Reader,

Warner Bros. has nabbed the rights to distribute the Xbox 360 port of “Witcher 2,” the highly successful PC RPG. No firm release date has been announced, but they’re saying Q1 2012. On behalf of the entire console gaming community, let me be the first to say: “yeah yeah great, now just release the damned thing already.” I don’t care if Kim Jong Ill fronts the publishing money, just get that green plastic case on the rack at Gamestop and daddy will purchase.

"Oh, I'm coming. Don't you worry."

In point of fact, though, Warner Bros. has been impressing me lately. Finding Rocksteady games and igniting the “Arkham” franchise would have been good enough, but successfully rebooting “Mortal Kombat” and nailing “F.3.A.R.” tells me these guys are serious. Their focus seems to be on pleasing their audience, a radical notion which many of their competitors stare at blankly, as if unsure what it is.


zounds, the ol’ battleship is surprisingly maneuverable!