Documentary mistakes Arma II footage for real 1988 war footage. The Internet LOLs.


Hello reader! Happy hump day! Are you ready for some old news?

What, you’re here for NEW news? Well tough. I’m too busy playing Arkham City to scour the internet for you. Besides, this is kind of hilarious.

Either video game footage has gotten really realistic, or the editors / producers / every single person involved in the making of Britain’s ITV documentary “Exposure: Gaddafi and the IRA” are too lazy to double check the description and comments on the YouTube videos they download, because somehow footage from Arma II ended up in the doc. It would have been just amusing if it had been one clip among many, but they singled out as proof of Gaddafi’s link to the IRA. Um, oops?

Here it is in the context of the doc (it starts around :36):

And here’s the original source. Ambient living room noise and all.

Seriously? They thought that was real? Were all of the filmmakers 90 year old blind women who have never seen a video game, or watched a YouTube video? Did they write the doc based on a Wikipedia article? Have they never seen what a tree looks like, or grass? Because they sure as hell don’t look like anything in that video. Or did they just so want to be sensational that they prayed no one would notice? Part of me hopes that it was a prank cut that they just forgot to change, but chances are they’re just idiots.

Well, that’s that for old news. What, you still want new news? Fine.

Some creepy sculptor has followed up his former masterpieces of a naked, three-legged Justin Bieber / Selena Gomez monstrosity, a naked  Brittney Spears giving birth (Google it if you dare), Siri Cruise’s first poop, Paris Hilton’s naked autopsy, and an also nude bust of Amy Winehouse with his latest work: a sculpture of a dead Steve Jobs with a crying Woody on his shoulder. Oh yeah, he’s naked too. Steve Jobs, that is, not Woody. I mean that would just be weird. You perv.

Happy? Or scarred for life? Well, you asked for it.

Now I’m going back to my more important task: beating the hell out of a certain clown. Cheers!

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