Phoenix Wright: The Movie, First Footage!

The moment I know you’ve all been waiting for, the first look at Phoenix Wright, the movie.



We’ve got the trailer too, come inside!

So, how about that? He’s even got the little hair thing going on with the back of his head. Its all pretty spot on, I think.

If you think that one photo shows a slavish dedication to the look of the game, you should check out that rest of the footage from this trailer. Oh, about that… first off, its going to show a commercial from the movie, looped twice, and then some more new footage, so watch the whole video… but also, be warned, there’s some Japanese guys talking over the whole thing. Yes, this is ripped from a show where, apparently, the theme is that some dudes show you cool stuff and then shout over the whole damn thing so you can’t focus on what’s going on. On behalf of all the Japanese people, I apologize for how annoying this is. Just… you may want to mute it…

Miike must be quite a fan, he’s got the look down perfectly, but still has a few signs of his normal drama and mystique showing through.

Er, well, by that I mean that there’s a lot of drama and intense visual style going on. This honestly doesn’t bear a whole lot of resemblance to Miike’s typical work…

Its about torture and abortion. Mmmm...

  • Andrew Allen

    It actually is pretty uncannily Phoenix Wright. Go figure.