Rainbow Six: Patriots Concept Video (Plus a Little Fun With Google)


One of the many games not made by Apple.

Friday, Friday, gotta get down on Friday!  Now that I’ve successfully planted Rebecca Black’s timeless hit into your head, I wanted to drop off two interesting things floating around the Internet for the last 24 hours.

First, we’ve got the officially released Rainbow Six: Patriots Concept Video, brought to you by Game Informer.  Why can’t you watch it here?  Well, for one, there isn’t a good copy of it floating around online.  Two, I haven’t found another copy that begins with the developer stressing that, while awesome, the video is not gameplay.  It is also worthwhile to see how sad he seems that they felt it was going to be leaked.  Is nothing sacred anymore?

Check it out here!  Definitely more interesting than Andrew made it seem.

Second, a Google Easter Egg is floating around, but in case you haven’t seen it you should google the phrase “Do a barrel roll”.  Just make sure your browser is up to date before hand, or you’ll be confused and disappointed.  The Easter Egg is of course a reference to Star Fox 64, but one news site claimed that it was a nod to Apple’s iOS devices and their rotating screens.  That person is an idiot.

Barrel roll meme becoming too mainstream for you?  Then try “Z or R twice”.  Enjoy!

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    Rotating screens? What a godless communist.