Call of Duty Gamestop Midnight Launch Line

Dear Reader,

I’ve been to my share of midnight launches, and the “Modern Warfare 3″ launch line was the longest I’ve seen, bar none. I couldn’t give you an exact headcount, but Gamestop employees estimated it was over 500 people. Don’t believe me? Well, I’ve got the video to prove it. Here’s the line when it was about 3/4 maximum length.


Pretty insane, right? “Call of Duty” just keeps on slaughtering its own records, and I don’t see much chance that’s going to change tonight.


every day he doesn’t, people will die…starting tonight


  • Dustin Hall

    While that doesn’t come close to matching Topeka, KS’s PS2 launch, where mobs of people were in the Super Walmart for the raffle of them, and they had to call law enforcement to quell what was pretty much a riot among the people who didn’t get to purchase one… yeah, still a very impressive line.