Announce Diablo III For the Consoles Already!

Dear Reader,

Blizzard just keeps flirting with the possibility of “Diablo III” on the consoles, even going so far as to post job openings on their web site, but they still haven’t announced a damned thing. This is driving me insane. Are we getting D3 on the consoles or not? Of course, cooing Blizzard softly into the land of Xbox and Playstation is like leading a skittish horse to water, especially after the atrocious experiences they’ve had in the past. Anyone remember “Starcraft 64?” I still shiver at the thought.

But this is different. Consoles are much more powerful now, and “Torchlight” is out there, embarrassing them, showing them that this genre can not only be accomplished in this neighborhood, but mastered. They have no reason not reach a larger base of gamers.

I know, I know, they’re probably worried about the Auction House, as well as enforcing their “Always Online” policy. Look, as far as I’m concerned, you can leave all that stuff out if you have to. Or just release it on the notoriously promiscuous PS3, whatever. I understand consoles are always going to lag behind when it comes to innovative stuff like that.

What I want is the core experience of “Diablo,” on my Xbox 360. I don’t think that’s unreasonable. And while you’re at it, why not port over “Diablo” and “Diablo 2″? I will love you long time.


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  • Anonymous

    I would support your claim but unfortunately the Diablo series of games are EXTREMELY boring, unimaginative, and have some of the worst game design in history.

    • Andrew Allen

      Tell me, do you ever tire of being wrong all the time? 

      • Anonymous

        Oh, shit!

        I’m waiting on Don Jaime to chime in, he’s the resident Diablo aficionado.

        • Anonymous

          He’s gonna tear me to shreds. :(

          • Andrew Allen

            And you will have deserved it. 

        • Anonymous

          I can’t agree with Mecha that it’s the worst game design ever.  Things like randomly generated dungeons, being able to make different builds with the same characters, and having zillions of items and mods that pop up on those really add some replay value.  Diablo was great for its time and was creepy as hell.  Diablo 2 I played for years, and I dunno if it was due to Stockholm Syndrome or what, but I kept coming back.  There had to have been something there.

          The severe lack of story does not extend the game or add replay value though.  Like I stated above, I’ve played Diablo 2 enough, and Diablo 3 is probably going to be a dumbed down version of that which just happens to look prettier.  There’s still some kind of lore regarding certain characters and monsters and I originally thought the story would be very deep and compelling when I read all of the background stuff on Blizzard’s site, but I don’t think a significant amount of that lore is going to be included or embellished upon in the actual game.  After playing Skyrim, I just simply don’t care about it right now.

          Now, if Mecha’s ever hated on Mass Effect (the first one), he’d deserve a beatdown for that.

      • Anonymous

        I LOVED Mass Effect 1. It’s the sequel that I shit all over. Not just for it’s dumbed downed gameplay, but for it’s HORRIBLE story.

    • Andrew Allen

      I…is the whole world going CRAZY? Are we trash-talking Bioware and Blizzard, Olympian gods of game design?

      Diablo was awesome. Diablo 2 was awesome. Mass Effect was awesome. Mass Effect 2 was awesome. 

      That’s all there is to it. 

  • Anonymous

    Nah.  Mecha does have a point, Diablo 3 may be hideously dumbed down.  To be honest, I don’t think Diablo style gameplay can compete any longer to what kind of games are capable of being made with modern technology.  Sure, I played Diablo 2 for years, but I had limited hardware and it sure didn’t call for any fancy computing.  It needs a drastic change to stay fresh, but it’s hard to do that when you have a directive to cater to… casual gamers.  Those diplodocuses want instant gratification, are easily separated from their money, and the real money auction house is gonna T-Rex that shit with its tiny little stubby arms… and possibly at the cost of what could have been a damned good game.

     I’m no longer excited for Diablo 3.  I haven’t posted in any Diablo 3 forum for months now.  I fear that it’s going to be an overdeveloped (and underdeveloped) mess in key areas due to Activision’s avaricious meddling behind the curtain.  The whole “arcade style” bullshit is really turning me off as that means there will not be deep and interesting lore and storytelling will not be much more compelling than bug hunts and simply being directed to kill shit to progress like the game’s predecessors.  I’ve played Diablo and Diablo 2 enough to be honest… if Blizzard honestly wants Diablo 3 to not be like the other two, they could have given this one a real story ya know.  Whatever.

    Along that train of thought, I grew quickly bored of the Path of Exile demo, and had downloaded the Titan’s Quest demo and didn’t feel compelled to play for long.  Maybe I’m actually beginning to outgrow the point and click and get random shit linear aRPG style of gaming.  I think at this point Diablo 3 best have some seriously compelling gameplay to keep me interested and I just don’t see that happening.It’s kinda sad.  That game was one of the main reasons I bought a new pc, and I’m not even considering buying it until after I’ve played the demo once it’s available.  I still hope it’s going to be awesome, but I’m obviously having serious doubts.

    One thing is for sure though, that this fucker is going to be on consoles.  I mean… these are the same people that buy clothes for their avatars.  Blizzard/Activision is certainly going to take advantage of that market share.  Pretty sure that’s been the plan since day one.

  • Anonymous

    Im not wrong, gamers just enjoy dumbed down experiences. Im just spoiled. I grew up with games like suikoden and front mission which had amazing and deep storylines, army/base management, perfectly tuned gameplay, and excellent character development. To each his own.

    • Andrew Allen

      You hate Bioware, and you don’t like Diablo. I’m pretty sure your opinion has just become moot to me, Mecha.