New Command and Conquer From Bioware Isn’t Really From Bioware

Dear Reader,

EA announced (although everyone already knew) at the VGAs this weekend that “Command and Conquer: Generals 2″ would be produced by Bioware (!!!); and then, under its breath and muffled by a cough, added “Victory” to the end of that sentence. In other words, “General 2″ will be made by some new company no one’s heard of called “Victory,” and they threw a “Bioware” on the front just to get the headline. Classy.

This Isn't Bioware

It’s not that I mind some young upstart coming to the table; God knows Rocksteady Games has made me open-minded. But when Warner Bros announced “Arkham Asylum,” they came right out with the full truth: “Look, you haven’t heard of the people making this game, but trust us they’re good.” I think we all appreciated their honesty, and because the game was looking amazing, we got behind them anyway.

This, however, strikes me as an insecure, even desperate play. Either EA doesn’t have confidence in the “C and C” brand (and they may be right in that), or the game isn’t going to speak for itself. But either way, I don’t like these deceptive word association games: “Command and Conquer!” “Bioware!” they shout at you, hoping you’re too lazy to read more carefully. Blegh.


rather be a whisper in heaven



  • Anonymous

    Ea is trying to appeal to the dumbass bioware fans that buy any crap they produce. You guys will eat this up.