Is Fortnite Just a Bigger, Sexier Dead Block?


Dear Reader,

Epic announced their new title, “Fortnite,” at the VGAs over the weekend, and the reaction to its goofy style and vague gameplay details has been mixed. For me personally, though, one question hangs in the air: doesn’t it look and sound a whole lot like “Dead Block,” that XBLA hybrid of zombie and tower defense that came out earlier this year?

Exhibit A

Consider the evidence: first of all, the cartoon artistic direction, which is obviously identical. Second, the existence of zombies. Third, the need to scavenge resources and protect buildings so that zombies cannot get in. Huh. Sounds a whole hell of a lot like “Dead Block” to me.

See? Kinda similar, right?

Which is not to say they should just cancel the game, but I am wondering what’s going to make this title more than just a hybrid of trendy game mechanics. Aping “Minecraft” and tower defense is just “in” right now, ditto for zombies. I’d like to be excited about this title, but I need to see some substance that really takes me somewhere different.


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