Dr. Noh Gives and Gets


Yes, it’s the most wonderful time of the year. A time to give, but also a time to get! What am I rambling on about? I’m talking about game bundles. By now, most you are probably aware of the Humble Indie Bundle, of which the latest contains the most impressive set of games since the original bundle. If you’re not familiar with the concept, it’s pay what you want, and you receive a link to download the games. If you want you can use Steam or Desura activation codes as well. What else is out there?

Indie Royale has been doing bundles for a while as well. Their latest contains perhaps one of the most intriguing games I’ve ever encountered: Dino D-Day. It looks amazing and reminds me of a old cartoon/toy line I was obsessed with: Dino Riders. Indie Royale also let’s you pay what you want and gives you Steam and Desura activation codes as well.

Little Big Bunch has Explodemon, which reminds me of a Japanese Mega Drive game called Pulseman. This set also contain Much’s Odyessey in another pay what you want set up by Get Go Games and Games Aid.

Indie Gala is yet another pay what you want package of games with Steam activation codes. I think the most interesting game to me in this set is a game called InMomentum, which reminds me of Counterstrike surf maps.

The 99% Bundle is the last of the pay what you want games. I have to be honest, but I’m not familiar with another of the games in the package. Where this is fails in notoriety without big any recognizable titles, it makes up for in the fact that you get 13 games! Wait a second, 13 is bad luck.