Star Wars MMO to End


Well, that didn’t take long.  Within 48 hours of starting Star Wars: The Old Republic’s Early Access, Sony Online Entertainment has announced the end of the Star Wars based MMO.

Wait, Sony?  I thought Bioware made The Old Republic.  Why is Sony announcing the end of…oh.  OH.  Oh my, this is embarrassing.  Star Wars: The Old Republic isn’t the game ending, but rather the original Star Wars massively multiplayer online game, Star Wars: Galaxies.

The scope of the concept art was immense.

If you’re as shocked as me that the game is still running, join me after the jump for a look at all the great things about Star Wars: Galaxies.

Alright, I’ve got bad news: there wasn’t anything great about Star Wars: Galaxies.  Hell, there wasn’t even really anything marginally good about it.  Frankly, the best way to describe Galaxies would be as a half-baked MMO that attempted to simplify Everquest and marry it with the popularity of the Star Wars universe.

Oooh, exciting!

Plagued by glitches from the start, Galaxies would generate more controversy when the developers attempted to retool the game to make it more accessible.  Not only was it too little, too late, but they managed to isolate their die-hard fans by pandering to potential players that didn’t exist.

So take a moment to remember the good (Chewbacca) and the bad (menu system, combat, quests…).  Once you’re done with that, go buy Star Wars: The Old Republic, a MMO worthy of both the Star Wars and Bioware names.

  • Mark Ross

    It was a truly bad game. The title of this should be “Star Wars MMO Goes Down in Flames”.

  • Anonymous

    This was announced ages ago. Not sure where you’re getting your news from.

    • Mark Ross

      I believe it is intended to be a witticism centered around the apparent confusion between the multiple Star Wars-related MMOs on the market.