Have Yourself a Merry Gaming Christmas

A Merry Christmas to all you Padingans out there! Wait, what’s that I hear? The wailing of souls and the gnashing of teeth? Could that be… Little Johnny got PokePark from his Grammy even though he’s 15 years old? Jenny asked for Halo and got Barbie Pet Grooming Adventure? Is this the sound of gamers not getting the games they wanted for Christmas?!

Fear not, my fellow partners in entertainment enthusiasm. I have a solution.

After the Break.

The solution, my friends, is Amazon.

Amazon has a built-in Wishlist system which allows anyone with an Amazon account to create their own wishlist of desired items. “Big whoop,” you might say, “Most websites that sell things have one of those.” This one is the Daddy of All Wishlists. It does shit other wishlists only DREAMED they could do:




  • Create multiple wishlists
  • Elect to make each wishlist public or private, so others can search out your public wishlists by your name, address, or email address
  • Rate each item on your wishlist by priority, so others can see which items you want MOST
  • Features the ridiculously comprehensive stock and surprisingly good prices that Amazon lauds as its main selling point
  • The Coop da Gracie: Use a browser extension to add ANY item on ANY website to your Amazon wishlist, even if Amazon doesn’t sell it

With these features, you can literally create a comprehensive list of all your wants and desires, and make it publicly available to family and friends. I myself have managed to convert a good chunk of my family over to Amazon wishlists, and because of that, not only have I received PRECISELY the games I want for the past couple years, but I know exactly what to get my family members as well. It may take a year or two to get that buy-in from everyone, but believe me, the effort is well worth it.

Here’s to many Merry Christmases and other Happy Holidays for you and yours. (And the gifts you WANT to get next year!)