Dr. Noh Rages

If you haven’t already heard, the internet is at war with Paul Christoforo. Who is Christoforo? He’s an asshole.

You can read about the whole debacle here and here. It reminds me of a situation I encountered on eBay a number of years ago after ordering and receiving a imported Nintendo Wii game. The game was clearly a burned copy. The dvd case insert for the game’s cover still had website watermarks from where the image was ripped from. Most importantly, I could not play the game because it would not run in my Nintendo Wii. I contacted the seller to let him know the situation. He did give me a refund, and recommended that I hack my Wii to get the game to work. My Wii was already hacked to play import games, but I was frustrated that he recommend that I use a rom loading program because if I were using that, I would’ve never even wanted a physical copy in the first place. Things took a downturn for the worse when I decided to leave neutral feedback on his account. I went with neutral as opposed to negative or positive because I didn’t particularly enjoy the fact that I had received a fake copy, but I did appreciate that he gave me a refund and stayed in contact with me. I think given the circumstances, leaving neutral feedback was more than appropriate.

He freaked the fuck out.

I don’t remember the exact wording, and I don’t seem to have archived the messages, but I remember the conversation escalating to the point where he said “Bring the thunder motherfucker” and “I will end you.” After he realized I wasn’t going to back down from my neutral feedback, and I reported his threatening nature to eBay, his messages finally stopped arriving, and eventually his account was banned.

Paul Christoforo seems like the same guy. His grammar and spelling is atrocious. I don’t know, maybe these types of people have always existed, but I think their presence is more prominent because of the internet. One of the many terrible things about the internet is the shroud of anonymity that people hide behind to be an asshole. Maybe in person they could never say the things that Paul Christoforo said, but in a email, message board, or comments section, it’s so much easier to type out something terrible and malicious and not think twice about it.

In Paul Christoforo’s instance, I don’t think he thinks too much about anything but himself. In a recent interview, every attempt at apologizing is also met with a certain amount of criticism against other parties, trying to alleviate his own responsibility and guilt. Like back-handed compliments, he can’t seem to apologize without talking shit. Fuck him. Paul Christoforo deserves all the worst things in life. He seems to feed off the attention, and it bugs the shit out of me. He must suffer from some kind of complex.

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  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Andrew-Allen/7605503 Andrew Allen

    It is satisfying as hell to watch this guy eat his words.

  • Anonymous

    I was following this whole thing on reddit and some pople dug up some dirt on him. He goes by “theangrypimp03″ on a site dedicated to taking steroids, he was questioning the failure of an estrogen treatment for the end of his steroid regiment. Dude is fucked up and shouldn’t be running anything especially PR. I guess he was friends with the person who developed the Avenger and that’s how he was able to be involved at all.