Gabe Newell Promises “Something With a Three In It” for E3 2012

Dear Reader,

A few weeks back, Gabe Newell was trolled by some cretins on 4chan over email, which he turned into an opportunity to promise “something with a three in it” for E3 2012. This can mean only one thing: “Half Life 2: Episode 3″ is going to be announced this summer. I’m making that prediction right now.

You can read the email exchanges here and here.

Now, I know what you’re thinking: “but Andrew, this could still be a reference to some other franchise!” No it couldn’t. It’s not “Left 4 Dead 3,” Valve barely survived the first sequel, and I don’t believe they’ll revisit it again for some time. It’s not “Counter Strike,” cause we already know about CS:GO and it doesn’t have a three in the title. “Portal 2″ just came out, so we know they’re gonna let that one lie for a while. And it’s not “Team Fortress 3″ because…well, actually it could be, but I just don’t think it is.

The real question is: does this mean “Episode 3″ or a full-fledged threequel? I predict the former. He could have easily said “a threequel,” but no, he said “something with a three.” That suggests what he’s talking about is not a threequel, yet still contains a three in the title. And before you say I’m over-analyzing, it’s an email, so he had time to think it out.

So there’s my reasoning: “Half Life 2: Episode 3″ will be announced at E3 2012…or else.




  • Anonymous

    Confirmed. Portal turning into a yearly franchise.

    • Andrew Allen


  • Dustin Hall

    I don’t think he said ‘Threequel’ because no one else uses that word. 

    • Andrew Allen

      People use that word! It’s been used!