Mother of God, They’re Still Going to Release Gotham City Imposters


Dear Reader,

In spite of a wealth of negative internet reactions (and not just me), and an unimpressive E3 booth, the formerly talented Monolith Studios and WB are insisting that “Gotham City Imposters” come out. After the recently announced delay, I’d hoped some other studio had staged an intervention and brought them back to their senses. I imagined some very powerful executive holding the game, shaking his/her head vigorously as if coming out of a trance, and suddenly crying, “What the hell did we just do?

But no, the Batman game with no Batman or any other character you care about is still coming, only now in February. I take particular offense to this, as February is the month of my birth, and thus a cause for riotous celebration for its entire duration. Now, the seasonal “Andrewpalooza” will have a black, ominous hiccup on the day this…this thing is birthed. A moment of silence will be reserved, to mourn the downfall of the once-great Monolith.


you can go one way in life where you’re just walking around the halls without a hall pass, or you can see the light



  • Dustin Hall

    Ugh, one of my least favorite games of E3, despite the VIP treatment given me by the folks running the booth. 
    February is a retail dumping ground, though…

    • Andrew Allen

      But it’s the month of my birth! The Festival of Andrew! 

  • Jonathan Stoffregen

    D: why the hate? it looks like a fun lil downloadable game i dont know why you all hate it maybe you have a joker bomb up your a$$ :D