BREAKING: Max Payne 3 Delayed 2 Whole Months

Sup gamers,

We’re deeply saddened to report that Rockstar’s opus, Max Payne 3, will not see the light of day in March. Unfortunately, you’ll be popping pain killers, bullet-timing and John Woo-diving at least two months later in either late May/early June.

Meanwhile in Brazil

You may think we’re being silly (you shut your mouth, whoever thinks that) but considering Payne 3 was originally scheduled for released in late 2009. Every screenshot that’s dripfed to us is like being in a Saw torture chamber, but without all the dismemberment and stupid plot holes. And if you’re a die-hard fan of the hard-boiled series like me, you’ve been waiting for a sequel since late 2003. That was like several girlfriends and apartments ago!

Relive the excellent trailer and share a joygasm with us!


Peace out.

  • Andrew Allen

    I love MP but I dunno. Waiting to be impressed.