NoHopeLeft.Com: First Tease of Resident Evil 6?


Dear Reader,

A viral website called “nohopeleft” has appeared online, containing many pictures like the one below. Notice the “O”s resemble the “Biohazard” logo (“Biohazard” is RE’s name in Japan). Hmmm. Is this some Chris Nolan-esque marketing ploy for “Resident Evil 6?”

IGN is reporting a connection between this site and a “Raccoon City” viral site, but I think there’s several even better reasons to suspect that this is RE6. Hit the jump to see ‘em.

First, history: as I mentioned in my last post, there hasn’t been a year without a new “Resident Evil” title since 1996 (except 2010), even when more than one is released the year previous. Capcom bangs these things out like Harrison Ford, working around the clock. We already know we’re getting “Revelations” and “Operation Raccoon City” this year, but we know nothing about 2013 yet, and it’s more likely than not that a new one is coming.

Also, consider this: the span of time between RE4 (Jan 05) and RE5 (March 09) was four years. In 2013, it will have also been four years since RE5. Of course, the distance between RE3: Nemesis (September 99) and RE4 was longer, but the technological jump was also much bigger. If RE6 is coming to current-gen consoles, which it probably is, it shouldn’t take 6 years to make.

On the other hand, is RE6 coming to current-gen consoles? Just because they’re announcing RE6 (if that’s what this is) doesn’t necessarily mean we’re getting it in 2013; RE5 was announced in 2006, after all. But if this is RE6, it doesn’t make sense that the game would come any later than 2015, because it’s hard to imagine we won’t be nearing (if not already in) the next generation of consoles by then. And if RE6 was a next-gen game, they wouldn’t announce it now, before Microsoft or Sony has even unveiled the platform it’s going to be on.

So let’s string all of that together: because there’s a “Biohazard” logo on these pictures, and because there’s a new RE game pretty much every year (and there’s no other RE games we know about on the horizon), and because some NeoGAF dudes found a link between this site and a “Raccoon City” site, and because it’s been four years since “Resident Evil 5,” and because an announcement now means it’s unlikely the next RE will be a next-gen game…

(Deep Breath)

…”Resident Evil 6″ has just been introduced, and we’ll be getting it in 2013/2014. That’s my story, I’m sticking to it.


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