Dr. Noh’s SOPA Box

Yesterday was an amazing day. For all it faults, sometimes the internet can be incredible. The solidarity against SOPA & PIPA was worth admiration.

In regards to gaming, it’s still very troublesome that the ESA still supports SOPA. Here’s a stance that make sense to me…

I hope this gains traction because the ESA represents a very large part of the gaming industry. In the unlikely scenario of the big 3 deciding not to exhibit at E3, the ESA would have no other choice but to drop support of SOPA. Their actions to save face would be too little, too late. I wouldn’t mind attending an E3-sized PAX.

UPDATE: It’s being reported that the ESA is currently not in support of SOPA/PIPA. In a statement, the ESA states

“…we call upon Congress, the Obama Administration, and stakeholders to refocus their energies on producing a solution that effectively balances both creative and technology interests.”

From the sound of it they would still like to support a bill of some sort, but for the time being SOPA/PIPA is not that bill. I’m not sure how influential the video above was in determining the ESA’s decision, but I can’t imagine they enjoyed the bad publicity from it. Whether it had an effect or not, I think props are due to the participants for taking a stance.

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    This will never work.