Games That Involve So Much Urine, You’d Think They Came From Germany

You know, it wasn’t that long ago that I mentioned a series of urine based games that were involved in the UK, with the hopes of garnering more curio-seeking patrons to various taverns. Now, we’ve got some samples from Japan.

I wouldn’t have taken the time to report on a similar product, were it not for the fact that this game is developed by Sega. Yes, Sega, one of our time-tested mains. Sega’s new series of Toylets (ugh) are designed to score the urinating gamer based on accuracy, volume, and speed of urine, in order to collect a high score. Hopes are that it will keep trigger happy pissers aiming into the toilets like a rifle, instead of spraying everywhere like a machine gun.

Check out this obscenely provocative pee game:

Fill a cock-and-balls shaped flask with Kanji-pee!


Pee-based fighting game… does that mean they’re spitting your urine at each other?

  • Andrew Allen

    I dunno where you find this stuff, Maul.