How To Make Uncharted 4 Better Than Uncharted 3


Dear Reader,

It’s no secret that I thought “Uncharted 3″ was just a little underwhelming, so with rumors that “Uncharted 4″ is more than likely in the works, I thought I should take a second and point out what I want to be different the next time around.

Step One: Set Uncharted 4 on the Moon. Obviously.

God knows I love the franchise, and “Uncharted 3″ was really good, but the franchise is at a turning point where it needs to show it can grow beyond its limitations. Hit the jump for some friendly suggestions to Naughty Dog.

1. Don’t Rush It

"Is that a PS4 in the distance? I think I'll go to it."

When you do another “Uncharted” game, Naughty Dog, actually do it; don’t split off half the team while everyone else works on “The Last Of Us.” These games are supposed to be eye-popping epics, and eye-popping epics need 100 percent effort to get made. Honestly, don’t even release it for the current-gen like those idiots at Microsoft are doing with “Halo 4.” Save yourself for PS4 launch, step up the graphics (if that’s even possible, you’re gorgeous already), and blow everyone away.


2. Make the Climbing More Dynamic

"Just gotta find whichever ledge is conveniently yellow..."

Right now, the climbing sections in “Uncharted” games are an elaborate game of connect-the-dots. What if the faces of mountains were dynamic things, with new crevices and quirks every time the player goes through the game? What if instead of discovering a pre-ordained path, we actually have to find our own way around things? I’m picturing a dynamic engine like the one they used to make waves in “WaveRace,” only this is for climbing surfaces. Or if you don’t go that far with it, multiple paths would help a little.


3. Gently Increase the Auto-Aim

"You guys mind staying put for a sec?"

This is one of those things console gamers need you to do without us asking, because we’re a proud lot, and PC gamers give us crap constantly about auto-aim. But the sad reality is, it’s necessary. Gunfights in “Uncharted” are functional, but the aim is still floaty as hell; moving the targeting reticle feels like a game of air hockey. You need that tight, snap-to-target feel that “Gears of War” and “Killzone” achieve so well.


4. Resist The Temptation to do a “Dark Nathan Drake” Thing

"I'm a happy guy."

You can always tell when the guys making “Splinter Cell” have run out of ideas, because they increase the stubble on Sam Fischer’s chin, murder his loved ones, throw him in prison, and call the new SC title “dark.” Yawn. Resist this urge. I’m all for trying new things, but keep within the spirit of your franchise. Remember how “Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom” turned out.


5. Do Something New With Multiplayer

"I don't even know why I'm wearing this."

It’s this weird secret that “Uncharted” has totally awesome multiplayer, but it does, so why aren’t more people paying attention to it? I think you need an innovation, a new game type only you have. “Gears,” a very near cousin of yours in terms of gameplay, struck paydirt with Horde mode, and I assure you that you are as talented as they are. Put your heads together, come up with something we haven’t seen before that flows naturally from the “Uncharted” formula, and make your mark on the multiplayer market.


6. Stop With the “Wave After Wave of Enemies” Thing


I know how much you like to make us clear rooms, then clear rooms again, then clear rooms a third time, but it’s just an arbitrary difficulty spike tactic. You’re better than that. If you want a fight to be challenging, step up that A.I. a few notches, or introduce environmental concerns that put pressure on the player. Give us a little more real challenge.

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also, dude, “chinaman” is not the preferred nomenclature





  • Anonymous

    In order to not sound completely biased, i expect you make a list for gears of war as well. My god was gears 3 horrible.

    • Andrew Allen

      I’ll say this: the Gears 3 campaign wasn’t quite as good as the Uncharted 3 campaign, but Gears has Horde and Beast mode to make up for it. This is why I think U3 needs distinctive multi. 

  • Preetpal Basson

    100% agree with point 1 and 6. There is only point you missed off, that is a better and more interesting villain. 
    Katherine Marlowe could have been a interesting villain, but totally missed any background story to her. I found Lazarevic & Flynn was better. 

    • Andrew Allen

      Yeah, I agree. I thought visually it was kind of cool to have the villain be a woman, but she ended up not really standing out. Good villains are important.