Sega’s “Aliens: Colonial Marines” Channels Its Inner “Dead Island”


Do you remember the Dead Island trailer?  You know, THE trailer?  Of course you do.  Apparently, so does Sega.  Check out the latest trailer for Aliens: Colonial Marines:



Ever since we were treated to the story of one family’s struggle (and failure) to survive in Dead Island, game companies have upped the ante for their trailers.  Now they all feature content that is removed from the game, choosing rather to focus on slow motion / cinematic shots set to music that has little (if any) connection to the title.  Hell, the above Aliens trailer uses music from the 2009 film Moon, which is an excellent little sci-fi film if you’re in the market for something this weekend.

Now, I know I’ve been concerned about this title before, but I just wish I could figure out what feels so wrong about Gearbox’s Aliens game.  I suppose we’ll find out later this year, when it finally bursts out of retail.


  • Joe Noh

    Moon was my movie of the year for 2009. Source Code was pretty decent as well, although not as awesome as Moon.

  • Andrew Allen

    F#$@in’ baller.