Dr. Noh’s Thoughts: XY VS XX

I am not, nor will I ever be a woman. In terms of gaming, I will never quite know what it feels to be like as a female in a male dominated group. I will nonetheless try to convey my own feelings about what I imagine it must be like.

A Hollywood depiction of a girl gamer

The so called “girl gamer” is in a predicament when is comes to online gaming and social gaming communities. Women have two choices in conveying their identities as females, acknowledge it or deny it.

Those that acknowledge their gender tend to do so in their usernames or profile pictures. The problem that arises from this is could be described as sexual harassment. The internet, filled with hormone-driven males react in a number of inappropriate ways. Men that are competitive end up calling women bitches and those that are horny or lonely end up sending pictures of their penises. I hate pictures of mens’ penises. Women that acknowledge their gender identities are also far more likely of being accused of being attention whores.

Those that deny or hide their gender tend to do so with generic non-gender specific usernames and profile pictures. Some women may even avoid using in-game voice chatting features to prevent from being identified. While it may prevent from receiving ridicule and horrifying pictures or genitalia, the denial of being oneself due to fear is very unfair and upsetting.

I’m not sure what it is about male gamers that makes them react in certain ways, but what they should keep in mind is that a girl gamer is a gamer. Male gamers don’t have to hide their identities, and if they are subject to ridicule, it’s not because they have a penis. Accepted online etiquette and interactions are troublesome in general, but that’s a entire topic that could be covered of itself. Gamers who believe in video games as an art form should keep in mind that for every group that is excluded from their club, whether its so called “casual gamers” or “girl gamers”, the less there will be wider acceptance of the medium.

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  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Andrew-Allen/7605503 Andrew Allen

    Completely agree. It’s time for a shift in our attitude towards female gamers.