The 2011 Rest-of-the-Year Release Calendar

The 2011 Release Calendar

Gaze upon it and cry for you have not enough cash

Five Classic Games That Should Be On XBLA

Five Classic Games That Should Be On XBLA

I deserve this

All Right, End of Nations, You Got My Attention

End of Nations

You Got My Attention


Nintendo Press Conference Podcast (UPDATED)

So, there we have it- WiiU. Sounds like someone with a speech impediment trying to say Ryu. That said, this was very interesting. I’ll be talking about the conference live around noon on our stream with more discussion to come tonight.

UPDATED:  The from the floor show will be cancelled in favor of a special edition of The Game Show tonight!  Check back around 6PM PST!

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Nintendo officially announces new console, we get lazy.

We’ll keep this brief.  There’s a new Nintendo console.  Yes, it has a somewhat stupid name, but the promise displayed this morning certainly caught my attention.

Now, for the lazy part!  We’re running around E3, but I’m still going to take a moment to copy and paste an official release from the good ol’ big N:

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Nintendo Press Conference Liveblog

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In Short: Sony Press Conference E3

So much glitz and glam. Sony lost a lot of face this year, and they were working hard to earn it back. Free food from all the best food trucks in LA, free booze, a concert performed by Jane’s Addiction…

But that’s just for us. That’s Sony swaying the press. Ultimately, for you the reader and consumer, the real test comes down to the games.  Beyond the spin, you can look at a list of titles and decide for yourself who’s getting your bucks this year.

If you’re like me, you like a concise list, rather than sifting through whole chat-blogs and podcasts to find your info. (though, still, download ours) So, here’s  a brief review.

Believe it or not, he didn't spout one meme-creating line all night.

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E3 2011: Sony Press Conference Impressions Podcast

The crew discusses their thoughts and impressions of Sony Press Conference.

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Five Arguments for Microsoft Press Conference Over Sony

Dear Reader,

While most of the Padinga staff is off checking out games at Sony’s press conference (like suckers), I’m here, whispering sweet nothings in your ear, swaying your opinions away from them. The silly fools, when they return, they will have a mutiny on their hands! Rally to me, Dear Reader, and delight in the correctness of my opinions! On a serious note, though, I’m just speaking for myself here, guys. Obviously I can’t dictate to you which conference was more exciting for you.

Now I think both Microsoft and Sony had ho-hum conferences this year, neither one really nailing it. Between them, though, I think Bill Gates came out on top. I know that’s an unusual opinion, maybe even an insane one. Let me quality it first with a few points:

-I don’t like portable gaming. Just on principle, I can’t get into it, so the Vita stuff is lost on me. It was cool to see “Uncharted” on the handheld, but I just can’t fathom why I would play such an epic, cinematic game on a freaking city bus. That crap is designed for a darkened room with chips and a flat soda.

-I don’t like 3D. As the great Christopher Nolan pointed out, 3D is a misnomer, it implies regular images fail to convey three dimensions. So yeah, the branded monitor is really cool, but there is less than zero chance that I will buy it, so…

All right. Now if either 3D or portable is a big deal to you, then obviously you’re going to think I’m nuts here. But if you’re a gamer who prefers to play at home and doesn’t like 3D, then I think Microsoft had the edge. Hit the jump to see why…

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Sony Press Conference Live Blog

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Padinga Crew at Sony Conference

Padinga Crew at Sony Press Conference

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EA Press Conference Live Blog

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In Short: Microsoft Press Conference E3

For those of you who missed the Microsoft Press conference this morning, here’s a rundown of what they showed. E3 opens with  a bang!… or wait, no, bang isn’t the right word… suck. E3 opens with a suck.


Hey, how you doin? Get ready to see a lot of me.

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E3 11: MS Press Conference Impressions Podcast

Break, Q, Joe, Eric, Maul, and Andrew gather around to give their thoughts and opinions on the E3 2011 Microsoft Press Conference. Spoiler warning, they hated it.

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Microsoft Press Conference Live Blog

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Get Your Big 3 Liveblogs Here!

Yes, we are liveblogging the Big 3 press conferences! Hit the jump to see some nifty little blocks that will let you sign up for email reminders when the events start! We’ll also be liveblogging from the show floor as well, so look forward to our continuing coverage!

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Ace Combat Gets Interesting

The trailer speaks for itself.

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Konami Pre-E3 Event

Dear Reader,

So Padinga sent me to cover the Konami Pre-E3 bash at Sony Pictures yesterday. It was a classy, enjoyable affair with plenty of free booze, and if I do say so the bartenders made a mean Seven and Seven. Oh right, and they talked about some games. I always forget that part. Here’s a few pictures, and then a little video after the jump.

I guess Games Radar was there

Pre-show milling about

Hideo Kojima explaining things

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CptCluster’s List of Demands!! A Padinga Customized E3 Coverage Special Report

I wasn't too sad when I left last year, because I thought I was gonna be back...











It’s with tremendous personal sadness that I say I will not be attending E3 this year. My good lady and I decided to hightail it to her hometown of Albuquerque, New Mexico for the summer, which precluded me from participating in The Big Show. I went to E3 in 2006 and 2010 and both times I had a fucking blast. Waaah waah, I wish I was going this year!! Especially since I have things that I, CptCluster, DEMAND to see at E3 for myself (which you can find more about after the jump)!!

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The World of Tomorrow… Comes 6 Years Late

Hey kids! Fellow Padingan Andrew “The Virginian” Allen and your usual Thursday commentator had a wild time at the Konami press event last night, and so he will be delayed as he processes a night of sensory overload into some sort of article. … I’m not going to say what went on at that press conference, but there may have been things that rhymed with brocaine and frostitutes… just saying.

In the meantime, this blogpost by Frank X. Shaw, Vice President of Corporate over at Microsoft Games caught my eye this morning.

In it, Frankie-X discusses how The 360 is now more than just a gaming console. In fact, 40% of of activity on all the 360s that are running online is dedicated to non-gaming activities. This reminds me of another ad campaign from a few years back…

But, hey, I’m not going to use up all the front page’s real estate. Come inside and sit a spell. Lets talk about multi-media platforming.

Miguel Enriquez, The Post's most charming doorman. Must be the over-sized coat.

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The Game Show – Angry Nerds

Angry Nerds

E3 2011!!
What will Nintendo Discuss?
What will Sony DIscuss?
Free Excitebike
Adopt these dogs NOW
Original Game Ideas

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Dr. Noh Presents: Vegas Dream

A short documentary exploring a shadier and more adult side of E3 and video gaming…

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Aliens: Colonial Marines Finally Dated

Dear Reader,
If there’s two things every American should love, it’s James Cameron’s “Aliens” and Gearbox Software. That should be on the citizenship test. For years now, I’ve watched with growing frustration while the two attempted to come together into “Aliens: Colonial Marines,” all to no avail. But as per a press release we got from Sega, things are finally turning around. The long-gestating title will in fact be hitting shelves in spring 2012, cross-platform. Now that’s a long time to wait, but “Marines” will be showing at Sega’s E3 booth, so hopefully I can grab you a fix to hold you over.

Meantime, check out this sweet trailer.


does this mean we have to start fighting?

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